What they say about us

Dear Cécile,

I’m really happy to report that all comments have been fantastic (…) I really appreciate all your work and flexibility with this special short trip! I know it wasn’t easy and lots of elements weren’t at all typical. But all our work did yield some very happy travelers, and a very grateful client! Thanks again for your partnership—it’s such a pleasure as always to work with you.


Sharman F.

San Francisco


I’ll review on Monday, but wanted to let you know that you are officially my favorite operator! Thank you so much for sending this over. It’s going to be a wonderful trip!


Jennifer K.

Washington D.C.

Again, you were absolutely fabulous to work with and you added much value to our tour. Please use me as a reference anytime! My best, Jim



Pueblo, Colorado

Just to reiterate, the tour was a great success and Stéphanie was so helpful, I certainly could not have done this on my own, at least not without a full recce. (…)  Food was extremely good almost everywhere – great restaurant choices.

Thank you so much for ….everything.

Frances R.




I will write a report to Susan of course but I wanted to tell you personally that working with you is an absolute pleasure. Your attention to details and prompt responses and solutions make my job easier and I can relax knowing you’re on the job.

Elisabeth G.

San Francisco


We’ve only gotten a few reviews on the most recent trip so far, but 100% of the respondents rated the trip as “excellent.”

Emma W.

Washington D.C


Madeline reports that all went well with the trip and that you were very helpful!

Erin B.

New-York City


The group had a great time in France, and John was very much appreciated by all. Thank you again for your excellent attention once again!

Susannah D.

San Francisco


Hello Cecile:

The Provence Seminar is complete and by all accounts a great trip—thank you!  Dominique was excellent and your great management made everything go smoothly.

Carol Y.

Santa Fe, November 2017

It was such a marvelous trip and everyone loved their time in Belgium and France.

Olivia P.

NYC, October 2017


The trip was a great success, and travelers made many really positive comments about how lucky they felt to have had this experience.


Sharman F.

Palo Alto, September 2017


The tour has gone brilliantly!! Thank you so much. The client is very happy. It was a long and complex trip and you did a superb job. For one of our most important clients. Thank you. We look forward to lots more with you… 


James M.

London, June 2017


I think everyone had a great time on the trip.  Joelle was wonderful – full of energy and very responsive to our group.  The last day at the Musee Maillol was a tour de force – she spoke about the exhibition about Paul Rosenberg for over 2 hours!


Katy R.

Baltimore, June 2017


Hello Cecile and Marie-Laure,

Firstly thank you both for working so hard to make our trip a resounding success!

Brian G.

NYC, May 2017

Thank you Cecile for a very well organised trip, with a lovely hotel and excellent guides. Lyon is a wonderful city, and we hope to return. Best wishes, Carol

Carol S.

London, March 2017

I’ve been thrilled with Cécile’s attention to detail and organization, and her excellent taste regarding hotels, restaurants, and guides.

Sharman F.

Palo Alto, January 2017

I want to take a minute to tell you how amazing you are to work with. Your patience, level of detail, professionalism and (did I mention patience) as I send change after change is beyond admirable. I think what is hard for me to grasp during the planning, which is clearly your expertise is distance, which you grasp completely.

Jessica C.

Santa Fe, September 2016

I was out of the office for a few weeks, and am now writing a very belated THANK YOU for your help with this trip […] Our Tour Director, Tom, gave very positive reviews about the touring and especially the guides.

Sara K.

New York City, May 2016

So, looking at 2016, overall the program went really, really well… It’s been a pleasure working with you on this program – what an amazing success for such a new concept!

Sophie G.

Washington D.C., April 2016

Overall people had an amazing time and truly enjoyed themselves.  Elizabeth received AMAZING remarks.  People adored her, which is wonderful.

Kathryn K.

New-York, October 2015

Thank you again for helping me set up this special visit.  It was a great addition to our program.  I hope we can continue to partner as we bring more groups to France.

Laurence B.

New-York, October 2015

We have had stellar feedback about Patricia. We would like to thank you for providing such an amazing guide and helping us arrange such a successful trip for one of our most important new clients.

James M.

London, September 2015

Thank you for all of your hard work on our group arrangements.  We had an absolutely outstanding time in Paris.  Perfect weather, wonderful meals and events — and everyone loved the Raphael. Elizabeth was outstanding … absolutely delightful and knowledgeable and informed and entertaining.  She really set a high standard for our tour from the outset.

Cathy C.

Philadelphia, June 2015

I do think we all came away loving the chance to see Provence with an emphasis on the relatively brief but illustrious history of the Romans in Gaul — thanks to amazing sites, the professor’s lectures, and Dominique’s command of the material.  No two sites felt like we were repeating ourselves, as they were all distinctive and compounded our understanding.

Meg M.

Santa Fe, April 2015